Ghia Lynn Vinluan

Science Teacher

Courses Taught:


Biology I

Foundations of Biology

Human Anatomy and Physiology



Hello!  I am Ms. V and I will be teaching Biology I, Foundations of Biology, and Human Anatomy & Physiology for the 2021-2022 school year.  I love teaching science and look forward to encouraging the same joy and appreciation of the subject in my students. 


I am deeply committed to helping your child find or maintain success in the classroom and look forward to communicating with you on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about the class or your student. 


Science Star Bulletin Board! - Examples of Student Work

Unit 2 Macromolecules Outstanding Students

These students were the high scorers on their very first (basically) Biochemistry Exam!

Wed Nov 11 05:18 PM

Shariya Johnson - Assignment 4
Human Anatomy and Physiology 3D Skin Model

Human A+P Students have been working on this project for three weeks Assignment 1-4. Click to see examples of their extraordinary work!

Mon Oct 19 01:41 PM

Cell Theory Timeline

Famous Scientists and their contributions to Cell Theory

Fri Sep 25 09:46 AM

Unit 1 Kahoot Review Challenge

High scorers in the Unit 1 Review Kahoot Challenge!

Wed Sep 23 10:55 AM